Bill (Beck) Beckman

Current Address ... 1621 Tamara Lane, Fallon NV 89406
Telephone ... 775-423-3900
Email ...
Relationship Status ... Married
Occupation ... Physician- OB/GYN
Hobbies ... My family, Travel, Road bike
Interests ... Same as above
Education ... Millsaps - B.A. in biology

The first decade, and a tad more, post-GHS found me acquiring additional diplomas, degrees, and certificates. But, of course, THE most significant event was my union with Peggy in 1977.
I finally got a real job by 1980. And I began to deliver, and make, babies at a break neck pace. Four daughters complemented by a god-daughter. Women all day- at work, at home, on vacation, etc. This baby girl is now a lawyer in MS; I also delivered four of her cousins.
The kids were growing, and we reveled in family road trips. I became a mini-Clark Griswold. Peggy and I even began to get away together, finding a very big world to explore. Soooo, in 1995, we decide to leave MS. Jumping the chronological gun a bit, this pic was our 30th in the CA mountains- no fires in MS in August.
We are now settled in northern NV. Reno was a real town before the dust was scratched for Las Vegas. There have been two new sons-in-law added in the past sixteen months; third girl in law school; and the youngest on the 5½ - 6 year plan in college. We have been well and truly blessed.