Cathy (Leach) Reynolds

Current Address ... 4911 old Canton Rd. #110 Jackson, Ms 39211
Telephone ... 601-750-8224
Email ...
Relationship Status ... Widowed
Occupation ... Retired
Hobbies ... Being a grandmother
Interests ... Flowers, reading, music and good friends
Education ... 2 years

The following events have changed in my life since our last reunion. Terry (my husband) and I sold our home in Greenville and moved to Jackson due to his illness. All of his doctors were there. Terry passed away in April of 2003 of pulmonary fibrosis. I moved my mother with cancer here the following December. She passed away this past May. My three sons Todd (38), Scott (36) and Robyn (32) all live in Jackson. Todd and Scott are married and Robyn is engaged. I have 5 grandchildren and one due in October. I live a very active life with being "Kakhi" and do have time to be with friends and working part time. All in all I have a really good life.