Doug Dodd
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Current Address ... Greenville MS
Telephone ...
Email ...
Relationship Status ... Married
Occupation ... Retired
Hobbies ... Krackerjacks
Interests ... Music
Education ... MDJC

I lived in Biloxi in '68 (summer) & '69. I was drafted in Dec. of '69 ( my # was 3! lucky me), and spent 2 yrs. in the Army. I married Connie Sweet in '72; We have 3 sons. They are scattered from Atlanta to Knoxville, and 1 in Greenwood. I have a GORGEOUS Grand-daughter, Neely Katherine Dodd, she's 4! I worked for South Central Bell (later Bell South, now AT&T) for 36 yrs. In Sept of '07, I retired. The Krackerjacks are still making music, that is still a big part of my life. I'm lucky, I've been alot of places and seen and met many people (some of them famous) because of music. I am a member of The New Life Church of GOD, and also play music in church. I have written several songs, and working on a book (9 yrs. now, about my childhood). I could write a book here, but time and space aren't enough; if I can make the reunion, I'll chew a few ears! GOD bless each of you. WOW........ what I wouldn't give for one day back at good ole GHS, even if Dagwood Young still hates me and my once long hair!!