Freddy Easterling
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Current Address ... 1421 West Bristow, Tupelo MS 38801
Telephone ... 662-891-1575
Email ...
Relationship Status ... Married
Occupation ... Insurance Adjuster
Hobbies ... Raising flowers, kids, and dogs. Working on church projects.
Education ... MDCC, Delta State

I left Greenville after the storm season of 1997 and moved to Tupelo MS. During the last 10 years I have worked throughout the Southern States, but mostly Mississippi. I have always loved helping people, and after Katrina, Mississippi's worst storm, I saw I had a golden opportunity to help our people. I saw during this tour how all races give time, money and spirit to help total strangers put their lives back together. This meant so much to me. As a state, we pulled ourselves out of deep depression and pain. Mississippi went from last to the eyes of our country. We were of one mind and one accord to help everyone.