Freida (Roberts) Looper

Current Address ... 2785 Highway 1 South, Greenville MS 38701
Telephone ... 662.335.0301
Email ...
Relationship Status ... Married to Lonnie Looper 27 years (2008)
Occupation ... Homemaker
Hobbies ... Photography, artifact collecting, fishing
Interests ... Family, friends
Arkansas Indian artifact hunt - 1973
With son Zachary - 1978. Zachary currently has a master's degree in arts and anthropolgy.

He now works as an archeological consultant and lives near Atlanta GA.
A fossil hunting expedition on the Mississippi River - 1991. That is a 9-inch long giant ground sloth claw core as it looked lying on the gravel bar where it was discovered.
With husband Lonnie and our private museum of Indian artifacts and fossils.
I have worked as a dental assistant, an educator in the Public School System, and a wedding photographer.