George Mullen

Current Address ... 1600 Martha Drive, Grenada MS 38901
Telephone ... 662-226-7036 home   662-417-3597 cell
Email ...
Relationship Status ... Married
Occupation ... Architect
Hobbies ... Old cars, Grandkids, American bulldogs
Interests ... Bowhunting, Old cars
Education ... BS USM

I have been married to Audrey Williamson (GHS class of 69) for almost 37 years. We have one son, Parker and two grandchildren. I spent some time dabbling in politics but for now work at my small architectural office and enjoy my duties as a grandfather. I spent many years bowhunting all over North America, but I just got tired of it. I like restoring old cars now. As soon as I finish my sister's 65 Mustang, I plan on starting my 48 Anglia Gasser project.