Joy (Rodney) Roberson

Current Address ... 109 Yolland Road, Greenville, MS 38701
Telephone ... (904) 280-8186
Relationship Status ... Divorced
Occupation ... Homemaker
Hobbies ... Golf, Gardening, Reading
Interests ... Golf, Traveling
Education ... BS from University of Southern, Master's from Delta State, Specialist Degree from Mississippi State

I was in education for 33 years, teaching and serving as Elementary Curriculum Coordinator. I moved from Greenville to Jackson to Atlanta to Oklahoma to Kentucy to Florida to Greenville. As I am no longer teaching, I stay very busy golfing, gardening, and traveling. We have a condo in N.C. so I enjoy going there where the weather is cooler. I serve on the board for several charity organizations, so that keeps me very busy. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.