Lonnie Looper

Current Address ... 2785 Highway 1 South, Greenville MS 38701
Telephone ... 662.335.0301
Email ... info@cwreplicas.com
Relationship Status ... Married to Freida Roberts for 37 years (2018)
Occupation ... Antiquities Replicator - Website Designer
Hobbies ... Fossil Collecting, Finding Indian Artifacts, Bird Watching, Fishing
Interests ... Archeology, Paleontology
Education ... MDCC

I spent most of the 70's living in the Florida Keys working as a professional scuba diver. We collected tropical fish and marine invertebrates for the saltwater aquarium trade.

We also found an aircraft lost since WWII, and once tagged an unexploded torpedo for the Coast Guard.
In the early 80's I returned to the Delta and married Freida Roberts. We share 2 sons, 4 grandsons, and 1 granddaughter.

I worked in aquaculture research and Freida was an educator and a wedding photographer.

Our hobbies were Indian artifact collecting and fishing.
During the 90's Freida and I made many trips on the Miss. River, collecting Ice Age animal bones, teeth, and tusks. This is me finding the jawbone of a great short-faced bear, a species known from only 110 localities worldwide.

Freida found the limb-bone of a manatee, only the second sea cow fossil ever found in the Miss.-Ohio River Valley. It is described in the scientific journal Marine Mammal Science.

To see our 540 piece Ice Age fossil collection click here.
June 6, 2007 – Hand-grabbing catfish in Lake Washington.

Today my time is divided making molds and casts of Ice Age fossils and Civil War artillery projectiles and designing websites for small businesses.

We are closely allied with several of the public museums and universities in our area, curating specimens, documenting collections, supplying samples for testing, and replicating items for exhibit.