Rita Joyce (Reed) Jones

Current Address ... 418 West Vista Court, Mobile AL 36609
Telephone ... 251-490-4920
Email ... rnrita01@comcast.net
Relationship Status ... Divorced
Occupation ... Registered Nurse
Hobbies ... Horseback Riding, Ballroom Dance, Piano
Interests ... Pharmaceutical Research
Education ... University of West Alabama

Me - 2006
This photo was taken at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco in Feb. 2008.
My lovely daughter, April , was born in 1973. She is currently a registered nurse in the operating room of Mobile Infirmary, Mobile, Alabama. This photo was taken in 1991 when she graduated from Murphy High School in Mobile. That year I was the proud mother of the Homecoming Queen at Murphy High. In the years that followed she gave birth to 3 beautiful grandchildren whom I love dearly; Christina-Marie, Braxton, and Parker. ( photos later).
In l988 I adopted my then 12 year old niece, Mary. She was like a daughter to me, and recently gave birth to Emma Rose shown here at Spring break 2008. Emma Rose is a fourth grandchild to me. She is named after my mother who passed away in 2000. Children are precious gifts from God and the most beautiful part of my life.
Has 40+ years already passed??! How could that be?! I'm only 35!! Just kidding...Hmmm to sum up 40+ years in a few words...I'll try. In 1969 I married Walter Avery Jones, Jr. who was from Greenville, MS and had attended St. Joseph High School. I began a career in banking that same year... went from banking to real estate in 1978... Took a detour in the 80's to accompany my husband to Saudi Arabia where he worked for ARAMCO, and we had the opportunity to travel the world. I am grateful for those experiences, but there is no place like the "good ole' USA!" Unfortunately we divorced in 1986, and I resumed my real estate career until 1991.

Beginning in 1991 I attended the University of West Alabama graduating in l995 as a registered nurse. I have been a traveling registered nurse with US Nursing Corp. for the past 10 years. I am licensed in 22 states but spend most of my time in the beautiful state of California.