Sandra (Riley) Weaver

Current Address ... 11106 Hwy 54 East, Star City, AR 71667
Telephone ... 870-308-9907
Email ...
Relationship Status ... Widow
Occupation ... Retired
Hobbies ... Gardening, Reading
Interests ... Books, Cooking, Grandkids
Education ... Delta Beauty College

Me - 2009
I'm widowed with two kids - Robin Dobbins (35) husband Kenny who have two kids Katelyn (12) and MacKenzie (5). Stephen Riley Weaver (33) with a son Nolan (13). I also have my mother who will be 86 in December. My life has pretty much been working and taking what life had in store for me, but I find that I now need to slow down and enjoy some of it before it's too late.

I'm so thankful for Lonnie and this website, because I find that I wonder where all of you are now, and if any of you ever think about me. Even though my life hasn't been easy, I still believe that I'm blessed!