Valerie (Freudenberg) Rankin

Current Address ... 4875 Hwy. 82 East, Lake Village, AR 71653
Telephone ... 662-822-4789
Email ...
Relationship Status ... Married
Occupation ... Retired
Hobbies ... Art, Calligraphy, Cooking, Travel
Interests ... Just about everything
Education ... Chicago School of Design, DSU

Me and my husband, Curt.
Me with grands, Parker, Kennedy and Riley.
Me with older son, Dixon, his wife and grandson Jake in Dominican Republic.
Hot Tamale Festival. Valerie, Curt and cart he made for parade.
This is the "Three Hot Ta'Mamas". Valerie, Betty Lynn Cameron and Anne Martin Vetrano.

The 3 of us started the festival in 2012!
Since the last reunion I have remarried to Curt Rankin, who is a farmer, and live on Lake Chicot. It is beautiful but I still continue to be involved in Greenville! I have retired so I have more time for the yard, friends and things I love. In 2012, myself and 2 other friends started the Delta Hot Tamale Festival. We are called "the 3 Hot Ta'mamas"! It is a big success and I am still involved with the festival.