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Memories – from Valerie (Freudenberg) Rankin - 07.05.18

One memory, in particular, stands out in my mind. My dad, Albert Freudenberg, gave me a green (ugh) Mustang convertible my senior year. He had one stipulation. I could not go to Strazis! Now who tells a girl that! I did. I got caught and "Daddy took the Mustang away". Another memory happened on January 1, 1968. Myself and two friends (won't say names) decided we needed to see the Percy Mansion before it was torn down. We entered through the front door,as it was open, and had a nice visit only to be stopped short by police who promptly made you go out through a window to exit. They took us to the police station. My dad was stern but later told me he didn't blame me for wanting to see history!

Memories – from Ann (Suares) Marshall - 05.20.13

So here I am teaching ancient history to fifth graders, and getting ready to take some of them to Europe in a few weeks. (I had never been out of Mississippi except to Camp Ki-Y at that age.) I would like to think that my subject matter is going to be imprinted on their little brains forever. NOT! My most vivid memories of my school years have nothing to do with academics! I remember when:

  • Lyne Gamble froze riding his bicycle to Carrie Stern in the first grade.
  • Getting to wear my red corduroy pants one day to 2nd grade when it was too cold to wear a dress and scratchy petticoat.
  • Being a member of Miss Hansbrough's Rebeletts (5th grade softball team).
  • Walking to Strange Park for Brownie meetings.
  • The homemade rolls and banana pudding in the Carrie Stern lunchroom (before I had a weight problem and had to have a blue lunch ticket (no dessert) instead of yellow one.
  • Playing four-square at E.E.Bass and getting drenched when the water tank relieved pressure on us (Coach Dunaway knew it was going to happen and keeled over laughing!)
  • Being in Miss Scott's math class when Apple Blossom trick perfume(sulphur)was poured into the radiator.
  • Voting on the mascot and colors for the new, air-conditioned, "state-of-the art" Solomon Junior High School.
  • Being in English class at Bass when President Kennedy was shot, and filing into the auditorium to watch it on tv while a terrible rainstorm pounded on the roof.
  • Ripping the rings off the back of the boys' oxford cloth shirts.
  • Getting my first pair of Bass Weejuns.
  • Rushing to Al's Record Shop to buy my first Beetle 45.
  • 25 minute lunch runs to Strazi's for 25 cent chili dogs.
  • The smell of Atomic Rub Down before track meets.
  • Sitting around with my girlfriends and discussing if we would still be friends when we were "old ladies". Well, here we are! And I think we look a lot younger than our parents!

Looking for Strazi's Photos – from Jennifer Jones (Roy) - 07.16.09

I have a request by a friend to find photos of Strazi's. I was a bit too young to enjoy that drive-in, at that time. By the time I got old enough, it was gone. Anyone have photos to share? If so, please contact me at jj3096@aol.com.

Thanks for the memories! – from Marcia (Fleming) Hammett - 10.08.08

The dances at the Armory were always so much fun! We heard Chad and Jeremy, James Brown, Johnny Rivers, and other great groups. Strazi's was THE place to be. The American Legion Baseball games brought us together in the summer; we had some great players! Student Council activities and trips were highlights for me. The Magnolia Chain and Orchid Ball were always beautiful. Thanks for the memories!!!

"More Memories" – from Diane (Rogers) Ryan - 10.05.08

Thanks for the birthday memories, Morri! I remember a couple of cheers: Sitting in the grand stands, beating on a tin can, Who can? We can! Nobody else can! Or how about this one, Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon rind! Look on the scoreboard and see who's behind! LOL I remember some of y'all going from car to car begging a few coins here and there if you had a speeding ticket to pay. We used to be able to tell every make and model of a car as well as who it belonged to. Nowadays, I barely know one kind from another. At Carrie Stern we used to have softball tournaments among the 6th grade classes. At Bass, we graduated to the more ... uh ... refined? ... Sadie Hawkins Day. The pep rallies in the GHS auditorium were so much fun. Do y'all remember someone putting a cherry bomb in a flushing commode causing water to go everywhere? Oh, well...just a few memories from me.

"Teachers and Trivia" - from Mary-Morri (Irby) Lundgren - 09.27.08

As a teacher myself, many times over the years I have reflected about the power of excellent teaching. Some of my Greenville teachers who come to mind: Miss Webb, 8th grade English: Watch out for that yardstick ... but it was entertaining, along with grounding in grammar and vocabulary ... Mrs. Nell Thomas encouraged a wide range of literature; I remember The Sound and the Fury in World Lit. ... you never knew which eye Miss Keady might be looking at you with, but she had a sense of humor ... I would name Mrs. Cockerham in 8th Grade American History as my favorite: she had high expectations for her students, and command of her subject matter. I remember her stalking the floor with her grade book: she rewarded genuine achievement:"Take a plus!" but woe unto those who were lazy or unprepared: "Take a minus! ... with a Cockerham smile! The day of the JFK assassination is a vivid memory: Mrs. Cockerham allowed us to air our questions and misconceptions, and provided the historical/constitutional perspective on the event that was needed.

A little 68 trivia: Diane Rogers, Andy Ezell, Martin Myers, and I were all born on the same day at King's Daughters; Carol McCormick joined us in the nursery 2 days later. Then we all started Carrie Stern together, and graduated together. Also, because of the Baby Boom, our class at Carrie Stern attended First Grade in split shifts. Beverly Buehler and Brooks Haxton were first grade classmates I especially remember.

"Oh what memories!" - from Cathy (Leach) Reynolds - 09.13.08

Oh what memories! Strazi's and what I would give for one of Papa Joe's pizzas or hamburgers! Greenville High football games were the best and then on to the dances at the Teen Club, or Action-A-Go-Go. The Alley Inn in Leland was a no-no, but somehow we always got in. Pretty Place and Haunted House Road! Wait a minute, did I go to school? Yes I did, and let's not forget how we all acted in Mrs. Cole's speech class and Mrs. Chrismond's Spanish class. Last, but not least, what would we have ever done without Mrs. Norris to let us back in school when we had left campus to smoke, go to quongs, and I believe some of the guys went to the Rack and Cue! Once again did I go to school?

"My Memories" - from George Mullen - 09.12.08

I have been blessed, sometimes I believe cursed, to have a good memory of things that happened many years ago. I will be the first to admit that I didn't apply myself as well as I should have in school, but I do remember something special about almost each one of my 1968 classmates. Lonnie, thanks for your work on this site. I remember that you, Lonnie, received the highest score on the ACT's. I was also puzzled that someone of your intellect found joy in going to the city dump to shoot "critters".

My most humorous memory of GHS life was the day that Principal James "Smilin Jimmy" Young called an overall assembly in the auditorium. Mr. Young addressed the entire student body with some instructions as to how we should congregate in certain areas of the building. He told us not to congregate " in the foyer adjacent to the library". His pronunciation of the word library was more like "liburrr". At that instant the entire group snickered under their breath except one ... Kent "Flush" Thompson started a yuk yuk laugh that grew in volume and speed that brought the whole house down! Every time I saw Kent on his TV commercials about Unclaimed Furniture, I had to smile.

My memories of GHS are just how incredibly "caste oriented" our school was. I think that it was a pure mosaic of all types of people. The little groups that gathered in each of their own areas was interesting.

Like John Earl Thonton, I remember the bands and dances of the time. I really liked Willie Mitchell, Poonanny, the Left Banke, but especially Jerry Brown's band, The Candy Shoestring, which included Johnny Avent, Jerry and Donnie Brown and Ronnie Sinkey.

My favorite part of the 60's was the cars. Martin Myers' GTO, Ada Turner's mustang, Eddie Wright's Corvette, Frank Bethel's International Harvester TV repair truck, Pete McKee's El Camino, Lynn Batson's yellow Corvair and Tommy Pittman's GTX were among my favorites. I remember all of my classmates being nice, some nicer than others, and cherish these memories. Thanks again Lonnie. Oh by the way, Greer Whitacre, I still remember your necklace with the wings! God bless all of you.

"Oh, the Memories!!" - from Becky Hellmers - 08.13.08

There are so many memories from high school that are special to me: Strazi's on Saturday afternoon with your hair in curlers so everyone knew you had a date, Pretty Place on the levee, Lake Ferguson - swimming at the Burdine's and the ski ramp that I never would try !!! The BIG sand bar that you could actually drive to, Miller's Bend, Quongs to play the pin ball machines (the beginning of video games!!!), Senior Girl parties with cucumber sandwiches, senior privilages - being able to leave for lunch, some of the best teachers, Mrs. McCollum, Mrs. Webb, and Mr Bennett. Oh the memories !!

"John Fred And His Playboy Band" - from John Earl Thornton - 07.17.08

"Back in the day" is a buzz phrase used by young people these days. Well, I got to thinking about our high school years and, back in the day, do you remember that John Fred And His Playboy Band played for the GHS graduation dance and or junior-senior prom (not sure which event it was) in 1968 at the American Legion Hall on Highway 1 North? If your date was a GHS student you could get in, however I know that many St. Joe High students got in that did not have Greenville High student dates.

That was a great dance due in part to the big crowd of students plus the fact that the band sounded great and was very popular then having released several national single record hits including "Judy In Disguise", and "Agnes English". (I still have the album with those songs on it.) Alcohol was strictly forbidden but students got around that as usual. I remember that many of them were 'tore up from the floor up" before they even went inside the building. That was a wild, fun night that I will never forget.