Reunion Committee Meeting Photos - 2008
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(1) Judy (Berry) Ross and Becky (Hellmers) Serio (2) Steve Nick, Charlotte (Harmon) Murrell, Becky (Hellmers) Serio, Valerie (Freudenberg) Lee, Peggy (Tucker) Weems (3) Charlotte (Harmon) Murrell, Becky (Hellmers) Serio, Billy Roden

(4) Judy (Berry) Ross, Gayton Cascio (5) Judy (Berry) Ross, Gayton Cascio, David Skelton, Charlotte (Harmon) Murrell, Becky (Hellmers) Serio, Billy Roden (6) Martin Myers, Joy (Rodney) Roberson

(7) Dale Mann
This picture is of the school chimney. But at the top of the chimney my buddies and I taped a 12-foot long banner. We also put a flag on the flag pole and draped a flag over the gutter of the Auditorium. The one on the flag pole was taken down the next day of school but the one over the gutter blew up into the gutter. All wording was “CLASS OF 68”.

At the 1967 class reunion last year, Wesley Byrd’s wife told me the banner did stay up all summer. At the 20th reunion my buddies and I got awards/fines for the stunt. – Jerry Bowen

The "Nasty Nine" 1968

Glenda Lewis
Kathleene Neblett
Susan Eustis
Janet Farish
Karen Cleveland
Gloria Cox
Ann Suares
Pi Percy
Anne Kossman
The "Nasty Nine" 2006

Pi (Percy) Lewis
Ann (Suares) Marshall
Anne Kossman
Karen (Cleveland) Thompson
Janet (Farrish) Jordon
Gloria (Cox) Montgomery
Kathleene (Neblett) Shapley
Susan (Eustis) Darby

Greenville High School – 1968 – from Vespa

Greenville High School – Today

St. Joseph High School – 1968

St. Joseph cheerleaders 1966 - 1967