(1) Doug Dodd, Faye (Walters) Stovall, and Billy Haynes (2) Faye (Walters) Stovall, Patricia Miller, and Loretta Wilkinson (3) Peggy Tucker, Carmen (Voorhies) Smith, and Faye Walters Stovall

(4) Foreground: Betty Nell (Burns Mancini, Background: Walter Grayson and Susan Odom, Lee Stovall, Faye (Walters) Stovall, Jim Bridges, Peggy Tucker (5) ???, Bob Mills, Jim Bridges, and Faye Walters Stovall (6) Larry Easterling, and Faye (Walters) Stovall

(7) Faye (Walters) Stovall and Carmen Voorhies (8) Rai Watkins and Carmen Voorhies (9) Janet Farrish, Judy Berry, and Carolyn Clegg

(10) 1968 Mustang at Leland Raquet Club (11) Doug Dodd and Faye (Walters) Stovall (12) Deborah Johnson and Joy Rodney

(13) Joy Rodney, Judy Berry, Diane Holloway (14) Marilyn (Miers) Sutterfield and husband Jim (15) Joy Rodney and Marilyn Miers

(16) Merrie Denman, Marilyn Miers, Cathy Leach, Joy Rodney (17) Diane Holloway (18) Ralph Ross and Judy (Berry) Ross

(19) Scooter Henderson and Cathy Leach (20) Terry Reynolds and Scooter Henderson (21) Scooter Henderson and Joy Rodney

1988 GHS 20th Reunion at the Italian Club.
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(1) Steve Fratesi,Netta (Long) Sims, Diane (Rasmussen) Berry, and Charlotte (Harmon) Murrell (2) Steve Nick, Carol (Stuart) Mansour and husband Johnny (3) Gayton and Elaine (Tuminello) Cascio

(4) Beverly Rievley (standing), Rosalie (Pruitt) Thurman (sitting) (5) Randy and Ann (Tharp) Giachelli, Elaine (Tuminello) Cascio and ??? (6) Gerald and Judy (Ivy) Keigley

(7) Steve and Delores (Williamson) Fratesi (8) Suzanne (Duprel) Moore, Johnny Mansour, Carol (Stuart) Mansour, Gerald Keigley, Mary Ann (DeAngelo) Signa, and ??? (9) Netta (Long) Sims

(10) Diane (Rasmussen) Berry, Beverley Rievley (standing), Suzanne (Duprel) Moore, Rosalie (Pruitt) Thurman (11) Robert Hill and wife, Jennie, with Georgia and Steve Nick (12) Charles and Mary Ann (DeAngelo) Signa and Sug (Morris) Signa

(13) Gerald Keigley, Virginia (Mandolini) ???, and Judy (Ivy) Keigley (14) Carol (Stuart) Mansour, John Earl Thornton, and Rosalie (Pruitt) Thurman (15) John Earl Thornton, Elaine Cascio, Gayton Cascio, and Doe Signa - 1988