(1) Gary Skinner, Karen Cleveland Thompson, Buster Lewis and Cindy Skinner (2) William Kellum and Bob Mills (3) Jimmy Horton and Linda Connelly

(4) Kathleene Neblett Shapley and Pi Percy Lewis (5) Linda Connelly, Fred Barnes, and David Henry (6) Rebecca Hellmers Serio

(7) Pi Percy Lewis, Janet Farrish Jordan, Karen Cleveland Thompson, Anne Suares Marshall, and Kathleene Neblett Shapley (8) Cindy and Gary Skinner (9) Charles Parrott and Kathleene Neblett Shapley

(10) Karen Cleveland Thompson and Fred Barnes (11) Bill Beckman and Buster Lewis (12) Kathleene Neblett Shapley and Barry Jones

(13) Charles Parrott and his wife, Lynn (14) Pi Percy Lewis, Gary Skinner, Karen Cleveland Thompson, and Ann Suares Marshall (15) Jimmy Horton and Kathleene Neblett Shapley

(16) Diane Holloway Mills and Bob Mills (17) Rebecca Hellmers Serio and husband, Joe Serio (18) Janet Farrish Jordan and Karen Cleveland Thompson

(19) Barry Jones (20) Welcome Banner - Billy Griffin's Farm (21) Brenda Maggio Davidson, Charlotte Harmon Murrell, ???, Netta Long Sims

(22) Judy Ivy Keigley and Gerald Keigley (23) Melanie Green Bramlett and Charlie Lum (24) Betty Burns Mancini, Peggy Tucker Weems, Faye Walters Stovall, Carmen Voorhies Smith

(25) Nancy Maddox, Carol McCormick, ???, John Phillips, Diane Pruden Phillips, and Bill Beckman (26) David Henry, Bill Hightower, Mike Bewers and wife Suzanne, Charlie Lum (27) Billy Roden and Davie Ann McCully

(28) Peggy Tucker Weems, Denman Anderson, Rick Anderson, Merrie Denman Anderson, and Martin Myers (29) Cathy Leach Reynolds and husband Terry, Dianna Daves and husband (30) Mike Barnett, Greer Whitacre, Rai Watkins Barnett, John Fox, Mike Brown

(31) Billy Roden and wife Rosemary, Davie Ann McCully Rusk and husband Elam, Martin and Katherine Myers (32) Charlie Lum, Tommy Parkerson and wife Anita. (33) Jerry Brown, Brenda Burton Brown, Sandy Whitacre, Greer Whitacre, Mike Barnett, Rai Watkins Barnett

(34) Clockwise: Gayton Cascio, ???, Brunswick Wong, John Fox and wife ???, Barbara Hartness Brown, and Elaine Cascio (35) Diane Holloway Mills and husband Bob, Terry Owens, Judy Berry Ross, Rebecca Kellner, Nancy Maddox, Lynn Batson Hightower, Ann Garrett Owens, and Rick Hightower (36) Seated: Mike Bewer's wife Suzanne and Mike, Teresa and Scooter Henderson, Dale Davidson and wife Brenda, ???. Standing: Jan Sanders and wife Susannah

(37) Margaret Fisher Truitt, Valerie Freudenberg Lee and husband Rob, and Linda Connelly Piccolo (38) Judy Goodwin Russell and husband (39) Clockwise: Mitzi Hughes, Diane Rogers Ryan and husband Steve, John and Diane Pruden Phillips, Carol McCormick Shackouls, ???, Melvin Horn Hughes

(40) Kathy Few Gstohl, Becky Hellmers Serio and husband Joe, Terry Murrell, Charlotte Harmon Murrell (41) Lee and Faye Walters Stovall, Jim Bridges, Peggy Tucker Weems, Carmen Voorhies Smith and husband Marty (42) Jerry Bowen and wife Vicky, Charles Blaylock and wife Valleria

(43) George Mullen's wife Audrey and George, Steve Nick

1998 GHS/SJS 30th Reunion at Billy Griffin's farm.
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